When we first moved in I decided to create an area to grow vegetables and the gladioli on the back half of the garden. The back garden is officially north facing, but because it it fairly long (30′ x 60′) the far end could be described as having a full south facing aspect.


As you can see from the picture we have two sheds. The biggest one was here when we arrived and I use it for storing general garden things. The other cabin Is one which I bought and houses our small group of chickens!

I first planned out the design using string and pegs which is something I would always do as it looks different on paper. The things I knew I wanted were:-

  • a greenhouse (size depending on space and position)
  • the best design of beds so that it gave me the most growing space available
  • preferably 4 different growing areas to help with rotation
  • paths so that I could get easily to the growing areas without having to walk on the soil
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