Very exciting today as I got the key for the shared allotment which I am going to begin to cultivate in the New Year. I went down just before dusk today to have a look at it.

The chap I am sharing it with is an exhibition dahlia grower so they are still in the ground at the moment. It isn’t too weedy so that’s good and it won’t take much clearing once I get on with it.


As you can see there is an area at the front which is just open ground – it is about 20′ by 25′ and this year it grew potatoes so I’m going to have to grow something different in it. Not sure what yet but that is the interesting part of planning!

A path runs all the way down the right hand side of the plot and right at the bottom is a small greenhouse which should be useful for hardening things off and drying things out in the summer.

The majority of the plot is split in to 1 metre beds which run the width of the plot. Each bed is about 20′ long and there are carpets in between keeping the weeds down. This is where Peter grows his exhibition dahlias, but he isn’t growing as many this year so I’ll be able to use the beds for a variety of plants including some of the gladioli. There are 10 beds all together giving loads of space. Another advantage of the plot is the wooden frame which has been erected for covering in bad weather, that may prove useful in the future depending on the weather!