Today I moved all the pots of daffodils for the spring shows in to their final area today. I have decided to place them all on the west facing side of the garden. The east facing side is always cooler in the winter so hopefully this side will be slightly warmer over winter. Although daffodils can stand the frost well it probably doesn’t help them having their root ball frozen as this will restrict and stop growth.

There are three bulbs in each 5 litre pot. The growing medium is a mixture of multi-purpose compost, soil and grit. I planted the majority of the bulbs in October and they have been stood outside since.


I have used my cold frame for 27 pots which will give some protection if we encounter any very cold weather through the winter.



Once they were all in I used the compost from my summer bedding pots to cover them. A lot of daffodil exhibitors ‘plunge’ the pots and use a variety of mediums to cover. I have used straw in the past, but it is very messy and can be hard to get rid of in the spring. Last year I didn’t plunge any of my pots and left them to stand all winter which didn’t seem to do them any harm as they produced some good blooms. it may have been that the winter wasn’t too severe. Therefore, I have decided to plunge them this year.