The garden looks very empty at the moment, the only things growing are a solitary red cabbage and a few late sown carrots and beetroot.


In the greenhouse I have a few overwintering fuchsias and a couple of streptocarpus which I bought cheap at the end of the season. I’m hoping to get some cuttings off them in the New Year.
I cut back the fuchsias in October and most of them are looking ok in full leaf. I have been covering them and have a small paraffin heater in for cold nights. Hopefully the winter won’t be too severe so that they will be ok!


I have also planted shallots, onions and garlic which I bought at Harrogate Flower Show in September. I plan to plant them out in the next few weeks for an earlier harvest next year. The garlic is a softneck variety ‘Provence White’ which is meant to produce large sized bulbs. The onion variety is ‘Shakespeare’ a British bred brown skinned one supposedly very resistant to bolting!