At the weekend I lifted the last of the gladioli corms I have. The majority of the corms I had dug up in October and dried out on the greenhouse staging, but I still had two pots of cormlets. One pot were first year ‘Silver Dream’, a 400 (401) American cultivar and the others were second year ‘Pink Elegance’, another American 400 (443).
Pink Elegance seems to do a lot of winning at National show level so it is one that I want to build up stock of. It is a £2 corm, which is on the dearer side when it comes to glads. Silver Dream is slightly cheaper at £1.75 a piece, but it does throw some very nice spikes. According to Nigel Coe, in his last newsletter from the British Gladiolus Society (BGS), it is being considered for re-classification down to a 300 – so will have to watch this space with it.


The Pink Elegance corms have made good size this year so they should be ok for show flower spikes this coming year. They have also thrown some good sized cormlets themselves. They need to dry fully then I can put them in the utility with the others.