So this was the first full year we have had here and from a gardening perspective it certainly wasn’t a usual one. The very cold weather in ‘spring’ held everything back and then it became summer within days!

The raised beds which I made were really useful and it was easy to keep them weed free throughout the season, being able to get at them from both sides. I was slightly worried that being 16′ long they would be too long as all the books say 10′ should be the maximum. However, it didn’t seem to cause a problem at all.

I grew a selection of vegetables in the first bed – broad beans, peas, french beans, red cabbage and sweetcorn. Although I was ‘breaking’ the rules of crop rotation I intend to grow gladioli in that bed next year so that shouldn’t be an issue. The broad beans were excellent – the variety that seemed to do the best were ‘Red Epicure’ – very long pods and good beans. It is a variety I definitely recommend and one that I will grow next year.


In the two other beds I grew mainly gladioli plus a few runner beans ‘St George’ and a couple of rows of early potatoes. The galdioli did well and I was pleased as this was the first year on this ground. I’ll blog a separate post about the gladioli looking at some of the varieties that did well for me.