I had been wanting to go down to the allotment over the Christmas holidays, but the weather had out-smarted me. However, on the afternoon of the second Saturday of the month, the sun came out and provided the necessary dry period! It was very quiet at the allotments but I was able to have a chat with a chap a couple of plots down.

I decided to go over the larger section at the front of the plot. It is about 25′ by 20′ but in one large section. Before winter it was covered with a weed but the frost killed it off leaving the thin stalks only. Because the area was planted with potatoes last year it had been dug over in the autumn to get all the spuds out. Therefore, it isn’t really necessary to dig it over again. I simply went over the the fork and ‘raked’ it over.

At the moment I am reading a book by Charles Dowding whose ‘no-dig’ method seems very interesting and produces excellent results. I’m planning to adopt the method at home for the raised beds and am definitely considering using the method at the allotment.