So yesterday I planted my first seeds for this year. I was going to start bringing in some of the daffodils so that I will have some flowers for Catforth show. However, the weather put me off so I decided to get in to the greenhouse.

I planted mainly vegetable seeds, but also begun some Antirrhinum because it takes quite a while from sowing to flowering (probably should have started them off in January). I decided to get a bag of specific seed sowing compost rather than multi-purpose, so I took a trip to Altys and got Levington F2. I had the option of added sand but thought that having it without left me with more options for a variety of seeds.

I started sowing the remaining seed I had left from last year of Broad Bean ‘Epicure’. We were really impressed with this variety last year as it produced a lot of tasty beans and they kept there red colour if streamed rather than boiled. I sowed them in 6 packs so that I can just plant them straight in to the ground once it has warmed up a bit.

I then planted some Celery ‘Pascal’ which also has to be planted quite early. I have had this seed for a while so it will be interesting to see if it germinates. I purchased a couple of packets of onion seed from D T Brown’s catalogue which is specifically useful for the 250g onion classes. Whether they will get to a show is another matter but I fancy a go and we eat a lot of onions anyway!



I had read up on planting the onion seed and it should have been sown earlier but I don’t really have the facilities to do so. I placed the onion seeds about an inch apart and covered them with fine vermiculite instead of compost. In half a tray I got 30 seeds, spaced out in an array.