I went to Jane Lane Nursery yesterday to pick up some seed potatoes. They always have a good selection of Jba potatoes, including a number of good show varieties.

I wanted a couple of early varieties and then a good maincrop which I intend to put in at the allotment to try and grow enough potatoes to see us through the winter.

I ended up buying the first early ‘NVS Shervine’ variety which I have never grown but heard good things about. I have grown Winston in the past; however it always seems to scab quite badly and I am not too keen on the shape. I also picked up 10 ‘Kestrel’: a second early and one which grew well ast year and even provided a good set of show potatoes. It has a nice coloured eye.

I called at my Grandad’s on the way home and also got 3 ‘Foremost’ to try. It is an older variety but is good for boiling so I might plant them soon in tubs in the greenhouse to get a small early crop.

A friend of mine gave me over 30 ‘Ulster Sceptre’ which he grows large scale. It is a first early which tastes good (we sampled some of his last year!) and grows well in this area. Interstingly, when I was looking it is also know as the Ormskirk/Cheshire potato because it grows so well in the North West.

For the maincrops I went for ‘NVS Amour’ and ‘Cara’. I grew Amour last year and was impressed by it. It is a very popular show potato but like Kestral has a distinctive coloured eye which makes it look very attractive on the showbench. I am planning to grow a few in bags and then put the rest in at the allotment. Cara is one which I haven’t grown before, but it has a good reputation in the catalogues and also has come very good reviews on the web. It is a good all-rounder and shows descent resistance to blight.

I have put them on the back room bed to chit! Not sure what Liz will say đŸ™‚