Everything seems to be growing now! It is always surprising what a couple of days of sunshine does. Lots of seedlings are bursting through, the daffodils are flying open (too fast as they are nicking when they do!!) and the fuchsias are well on the way.

I have taken a number of fuchsia cuttings and placed them inside upturned coffee jars as this seems to provide the optimum atmosphere for them. You just have to keep them out of direct sunlight. Brian dropped off some fuchsia cuttings that I ordered which I am excited about as they include some of the varieties Tom and I used to grow when we were at Fylde Fuchsia Club.


I have also begun to prick out the sweet pea seedlings. The three varieties I eventually chose were ‘Gwendoline’, ‘Our Harry’ and ‘White Frills’. I also sowed some other Lathyrus varieties which Tom Anderson, the local NSPS rep gave me last Autumn.