A fortnight after Catforth and it was Tottington Spring Show near Bury. I had placed the rest of the daffodils in to the greenhouse on the Saturday previous and with the warm spring days they had opened quickly, which did cause some blooms to get caught as they came out. However, I was able to cut a good number for Tottington and set out at about 8am.



It was good to have the familiar faces of Tom, Frank and Keith as fellow exhibitors. Mr and Mrs Crutchley and Tom Tinker were also in attendance so there were a good number of daffodils on show.



I was able to put an exhibit in to the championship class which requires 6 separate cultivars covering at least two divisions. There were 4 good entries in the class. Keith won with some lovely blooms and I came in second followed by Mr Crutchley, I think.


Kieth was awarded the Daffodil Society medal for Best Exhibit in show with his three vases of three, which were ‘Clouded Yellow’, ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘Chanson’. I was awarded best bloom in show with my ‘Golden Joy’ out of the championship six class.