So I went down to the allotment on Tuesday morning to begin to prepare the soil. It was a beautiful morning and when I arrived there was only me there so it was blissful in the peace and quiet but also lovely to hear all the birds in the nearby forest.

It had been turned over when the potatoes, which were in part of it, had been removed; however, it needed just forking through to get it ready for planting.

I had been down a couple of Saturdays before to sort out with Peter which half I was having. I have the front half which is currently one big area. After chatting with Peter, I have decided to divide it up in to beds about 3ft across. In between I am going to put down carpet and/or black premium ground cover which lets water through but forms an excellent weed suppressant. Dividing it in to beds will enable me to keep it weeded easier (weeding a bed at a time doesn’t seem as daunting) and also access to the crops is better meaning that I won’t be walking over the growing area and compacting it.

I was really pleased that I got it all forked over and raked in a morning as now I can concentrate on dividing it up planning exactly what I want where.