Yesterday I constructed a ‘frame’ for my cordon sweet peas. I am using the complete length of one of my 16′ raised beds which I constructed last season. I inserted two posts at either end and then a pair of parallel wires to create two double rows. The wires are are made using nylon wire which came from the Harrogate Flower Show. It seems very impressive as it is supposed to last at least 15 years and also it is much easier to handle and tighten than normal wire.


Over the next week I plan to plant out my sweet pea plants which I sowed early this year. The three varieties that I choose were ‘Our Harry’ (a blue), ‘Gwendoline’ (a pink) and ‘White Frills’ (a white). They are all exhibition spencer types and are recommended for growing for show. I plan to grow them using the cordon method which takes more work than letting them scramble up a trellis; however, the blooms are much larger with much better stems.

I stopped my sweet peas a couple of weeks ago after advice from the local National Sweet Pea Society representative Tom Atherton. He then advised me to harden them off for a couple of weeks before planting them. So I have had them in my cold frame doing just that.