Yesterday I went to the RHS Tatton Park flower show to help on the National Sweet Pea stand. Tom Atherton, the local representative, has begun a big drive in the North West to recruit more members and share information all about the Sweet Pea.

The team put up a fantastic stand which gained them a gold medal!

The stand explained the history of sweet pea development beginning with their arrival in the UK in 1699, brought by a monk. Then in the 1880s breeding began by Henry Eckford in Wem Shropshire. Following the break through at Althorpe Hall the Spencer series begun and that has given rise to the many varieties that exist today.

I enjoyed looking around the show and was impressed by both the organisation and the variety of exhibits. Below are some of the bedding displays which were very impressive.



I also spent a bit of time looking at the alpine troughs. A number were very impressive being presented by two alpine nurseries Darcy & Everest and Slack Top Nursery. Now that we own 5 white sinks I think I need to try and copy some of these!