As always seems to be the case, (well it happened last year!) the weather deteriorated the week of Southport Flower Show! However, unlike last year it was the tail end of a hurricane, namely Bertha. I woke up Monday morning to find a number of gladioli almost horizontal. Although I stake them I don’t usually until you can see the flower spike and see if it is worth it! Perhaps I should rethink that.

It was worse at the allotment and I had run out of canes by 11 o’clock. I think next year we are going to put up a windbreak on the west side to try and protect them a little more.

Thankfully I had caned some of the glads on Saturday evening – ones which I am hoping will be out for Southport, although I’m doubting that at the moment. This glad is a new variety called ‘Sisi’ which looks a nice yellow and seems to have quite a decent bud count for a 400.


Shalimar is also beginning to flower so I may get a entry in the primulinus class!