A fine Boxing Day morning enabled me to clean out my greenhouse – Ive been itching to do it for a few weeks but with the dark nights and busy Saturdays haven’t had the chance. It is a work-horse of the garden and gets ready for a good tidy just before things start again with all the early propogation and flowering of the daffs.

I pulled everything out and began by hosing down the roof, both inside and outside. Once all the debris was removed, I was able to use Jeyes Fluid to disinfect and clean off all the grime. With it being damp, it is amazing just how much moss grows in the recesses of the aluminium frame, but that is soon dislodged with the hose.

I always am surprised just how much more light it feels once cleaned – though this is the main reason for cleaning the glass!

This year I have decided to set up my old soil warming cable and propagating box now that I have electricity in the greenhouse. This should be a really useful to get some early seeds going and also to help the pelargonium cuttings I took in late Autumn. Once everything was washed down, I fumigated the greenhouse with a sulphur candle to ensure those pests which were in the nooks and crannies were killed.