It is amazing how a few sunny days brings on the growth in the greenhouse. On Saturday I potted on my sweet peas in to 8″ root trainers. The germination has been excellent this year, probably in part to the quality seed. I have sown three main varieties for showing, namely, ‘Mary Priestley’ – a new white from Myers Sweet Peas and then ‘Just Julia’ and the stalwart ‘Gwendoline’. These give me three distinct colours of white, blue and pink.

I have also sown a couple of pots of ‘Cupani’ the original sweet pea which has a tremendous scent. I first came across it at the RHS Tatton Park flower show when I was helping on the NSPS stand. It was the vase that drew the most people as they couldn’t get over the strong scent.

I saved a number of seeds from the lathyrus species and will sow those successionally over the next few weeks. I have also ordered a collection of fancy varieties from Eagle Sweet Peas which includes veined and picotee varieties which I liked last year.


After a conversation with Tom Atherton this evening, I think that I may sow another batch of sweet peas next week. Southport Flower Show has a good sweet pea section, but it is a week later this year and my January sown peas may have blown it by then. However, it all depends on the season! That’s what makes it fun.