Last year I grew a number of different potatoes down on the plot: first earlies being ‘Ulster Septre’ and ‘Shervine’, second early – ‘Kestrel’ and maincrops ‘Amour’ and ‘Cara’. Unfortunately they succumbed to blight and I was left disappointed with the amount of potatoes harvested. They took quite a lot of space up at the plot and involved a good deal of work. Although I didn’t mind the work of putting them in (I quite enjoyed it, in fact), I have decided this year to grow less and use the ground for other crops and gladioli! Around where we live, potatoes are always available at reasonable prices; only last week I bought a 25kg bag of ‘Wilja’ for just over £5!

Therefore, I have decided to grow a few tubers of the early variety ‘Swift’ in tubs and a few tubers of some show potato varieties for the local shows.


I’m not sure about other people but I’m always willing to take a variety of containers whenever these are one offer! These blue tubs have come from my dad and were cattle licking tubs, but with a few holes in the bottom they come in useful for anything. I have used them for growing on cormlets and potatoes in the past.

I filled about 8 pots with ‘Swift’ and am already looking forward to eating our first new potatoes!