So it begins! Well planting the gladioli outside does anyway! 

The glorious weather on bank holiday Monday enabled me to get much done in the garden. I got 40 glads in one of the raised beds. Planting begun with corms of ‘Cream Perfection’, ‘Marj S’ and ‘Socrotes’: two 400s and a 500. All of them were reduced to one shot each. 

I use a bulb planter to make the hole as find that seems to work well, place some grit in the bottom, then the corn and finally cover the corn with another handful of grit. 

On Thursday of the same week I planted 40 more. This time: ‘Careless’, ‘Of Singular Beauty’, ‘Rotary’, ‘Pink Elegance’, ‘Dion’, ‘Snazzy’ and ‘Lavender Rose’.