I always look forward to Southport Flower show due to the vast array of different exhibits and the high quality of them. I was hoping to have a team of gladioli to show, but unfortunately only staged 1! The season has been slow and I have struggled with the timing. I was able to stage a nice prim ‘Laura Jay’ which got me a second. The standard of other glade was good considering the season and weather.

The sweet pea section was well supported with a very good number of entries staged compared with last year. I managed to stage an entry in the three vase class which requires 3 distinct varieties with 9 stems in each vase. I just about managed to scrap 9 stems of ‘Just Julia’ but found that it has marked very badly this year. ‘Mary Priestley’, the white, has done well for me and I will certainly be growing it next year. The third variety was ‘Gwendoline’ which always seems to do well and looks vibrant in the vase.

Some other pictures of the gladioli classes

Class 1 is the championship class requiring nine gladioli in at least three distant varieties. Four entries were staged.


Class 2 was the single primulinus class with seven entires.

Class 3 a single spike 100/200 size. 7 entries staged again.