It has been ages since I have posted, I just don’t know where the time goes. It is strange but once Harrogate Autumn Flower Show happens then time seems to speed up! Probably the light levels have a lot to do with it and then the final hammer blow is when the clock goes back in October.

Well I harvested the gladioli corms from the garden and the allotment and have had them drying in the greenhouse (I don’t have the luxury of drying them in the house like some growers!) Over the last couple of weekends I have been sorting through them and cleaning them up, packaging them ready for storage and collecting the cormlets into envelopes.

I have also managed to weed one of the raised beds although it has been so wet. Once it was cleared of weeds, I added a 2-3in of compost from the summer pots. This method of the no-dig bed system has a number of advantages and it will be interesting to see how things grow next year.