I had used compost from some of the summer tubs to mulch one of the raised beds, so it perhaps shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that some seedlings would appear. However, I didn’t think that would be this side of Christmas. 

On closer inspection the other day I realised that they were sweet pea seedlings. Part of the compost was out of two big tubs which I used to grow some clumps of sweet peas, so obviously these are from them. The seedlings appear to be really healthy so today’s job is to prick them out and plant them in to root trainers. In the two tubs I had grown ‘Linda Carole’ (a red stripe), ‘Sir Jimmy Shand’  (a lilac stripe on white) and ‘Albutt Blue’ (a blue picotee). Whichever these seedlings are they will be useful for the coming year and provide some early flowers!