The 101st Colne Spring Show was held in The North Valley Community Centre and brought exhibitors from around the north west. It is a friendly show and has a dedicated committee that is alway trying to make improvements to the show and schedule.

This show has a good daffodil section, which was judged by Daffodil Society judge Mr. Keith Capper. There was a good entry in the majority of classes and I was able to take about 25 daffodils of varying quality!

Frank Hartnell took the prize for the first class, which requires three vases of three daffodils. He exhibited ‘Segream’, ‘Loch Assynt’ and ‘Misty Glen’. Loch Assynt looked to be a good cultivar and Frank had a number of them to exhibit across the show. It is definitely one on the list for next year! Tom Alty came in second place and Dianne Mason in third. Tom’s vase of ‘Gay Kybo’ had a particularly nice bloom – this division 4 is usually a good grower and always does better for me than the other popular double ‘Dorchester’.

In class 2, there were also four exhibits. This class requires 6 blooms staged singularly and they currently have to be on the Daffodil Society Restricted List, which this year has been reduced to only include divisions 1 through 4. Unfortunately this meant that one exhibit was not as scheduled. I was chuffed to win this class; Tom coming in second followed by Frank in third.

There was a good entry in class 3, which called for five blooms of the same variety. Frank’s vase of ‘Royal China’ came in first, followed by Dianne then me in third.

Class 4 calls for three daffodils covering the divisions 1,2 and 3. Four entries were staged in this class. I scooped first place with ‘Rose Lake’, ‘Cryptic’ and ‘ Netherwood Marsh’. Frank came in second with ‘Inverpolly’, ‘Loch Assynt’ and a Y-O which I can’t remember the name of! Tom secured thrid with ‘Bravoure’, ‘Cape Cornwall’ and ‘Aircastle’.

The classes calling for three blooms of the same variety were well supported and can be seen below.

The next five classes are for single blooms and the best bloom in show was awarded to Dianne Mason’s ‘Chobe River’.

At Colne there is also awarded a special prize, donated by Keith Capper, for the best daffodil with pink in the cup. I was pleased to win this with ‘Rose Lake’.

The show also has many other well supported sections including: orchids, aricualas, baking, bonsai, preserves and children’s exhibits.