Last week I received a phone call from the membership secretary of some allotments about 5 minutes away from here to say they have got a plot for me! Today I went down and had a look. 

Plot 58 has been worked on in the past, but that was a while back and so it will take a bit of work to get it going again. 

Looking down the plot

The allotment site itself is a good one with a forward thinking and hard-working committee. I was introduced to a number of plot holders who all seemed friendly and encouraging. 

Walking around the plot I came across some raspberries canes, rhubarb, plums and a strawberry patch so it seems well stocked in the fruit line. There were a number of other fruit bushes which I couldn’t identify, but they should reveal themselves over the year! 

Strawberry patch
Raspberry canes

There is also a small net house on the allotment which will be useful to protect some crops and young plants from the usual predators!

The plot is dissected by a good path which divides it in to two and there is a substantial area of paving which may come in to site a shed and cold frame etc. There may even be room for a bench! 

However, the first priority is to get it cleared of weeds. The work begins!