Each and every year I try and reflect on last year and make improvements to what I do; however, it sometimes feels that certain things are always on the list.  Here’s a few resolutions I will try to stick to!
1. Don’t sow too many seeds! I always seem to end up with far too many plants and not enough room to accommodate them all.

2. Don’t buy too many seeds. As the catalogues come through the door each and every variety looks great and seems irresistible. In fact you wonder how you ever managed without some of the new varieties 😉 

3. Record exactly what seeds I have got. The other day I sat down, spread out all my seeds in front of me and made an excel spreadsheet of them all! 

4. Keep on top of the weeds! They say a week is a long time in politics, well a week is even longer on the allotment or in the garden. Last year I did well until about July then I let the weeds get on top of me! I plan to mulch with some straw this year – a tip from an old gardening friend. 

5. Plan, plan and plan. In the past my plans for planting have been fairly fluid, but that has meant that I have missed opportunities to use ground when a crop is over. After seeing some good plans on twitter I have been inspired to improve mine this year.

6. Blog more regularly. I have got out of the habit this year, but plan too try and do so once a week at least!

7. Read more books! There is something about actually reading ‘real’ books. Yes, I enjoy reading people’s online blogs and advice online, but there is something about flicking through the pages of a book that can’t be simulated even by my kindle!