Last Saturday the weather was kind and I was able to begin at the new plot. I picked a small section and started to dig! It is surprising, once you get in to the rhythm, just how far you can get. I took out a small trench at one end and worked towards the fence. This kind of digging moves the soil and it allows you to have somewhere to put it once dug. 

It always fascinates me how many different types of digging there actually are. Harry Dobson of the BBC’s Victorian Kitchen Series records five in his book ‘Practical Kitchen Garden’: ordinary digging, mock trenching, trenching, ridging single spit and double ridging. I must root out my Mr Beeton’s guide to growing as I’m sure he will list more! 

And then of course there is no digging, popularised by people such as Charles Dowding. Hopefully once I get the plot something like I can move on to this. I do this at home with my raised beds but feel I need to give the plot a good dig over first.