With varieties galore, it isn’t easy to select potato varieties to grow. This year I have settled on five different ones. As last year I got my tubers from Jane Lane Nursery, Catforth – in my opinion one of the best places to get them from due to the wide variety available and the price. The potatoes come from JBA potatoes in Scotland.

Three of the five are first earlies: ‘Winston’, ‘Pentland Javelin’ and ‘Red Duke of York’. I have grown ‘Winston’ a number of times and it is a favourite on the show bench. I have only once grown ‘Pentland Javelin’, but that was a long time ago when I was in my teens and I remember planting them with my dad! ‘Red Duke of York’ is a new one for me and was recommended on a website due to its good taste! We shall see.

Of the other two varities, ‘Kestrel’ is a second early and ‘Amour’ a maincrop. Generally, I don’t bother planting maincrop potatoes as they are grown around here and we can pick up really good potatoes later on in the year. However, I can’t resist growing a few ‘Amour’ if i see them available. Both these varities have lovely distinct eyes and both make very attrative exhibits if shown. I’m not planning on showing any this year but they do well for the table. I have grown them both before and always had pleasing results.

I’m planning to plant these down at the new allotment if all goes to plan over this next couple of weeks. John Harrison’s newletter this morning reminded me that Easter weekend is the traditional date for planting!