Over these last couple of weeks my fuchsia plants have put on lots of growth! That is apart from three full standards that I have been growing over the last two years. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it through the winter and alas I will have to start again in  summer growing some new whips.

There are lots of ways to take fuchsia cuttings but for me the best way has always been tip cuttings in small groups known as ‘multi-pots’. I was first shown this method by Ken Pilkington, now sadly deceased, when I visited his home in Poulton-le-Fylde a good number of years ago. His seminal work ‘How to grow Fuchsias’ is still available and a great practical read.

Ken’s book

These small cuttings, taken just below a leaf joint, only need a couple of pairs of leaves and after a couple of weeks at this time of year have begun to root. The coffee jar creates a great micro-climate for the cuttings and keeps the humidity up, stopping the cuttings from drying out. Before I screw the lid on I always give the cuttings a spray with water.

Cuttings taken so far include ‘Shelford’, ‘Ebb ‘n’ Flo’, ‘Border Raider’, ‘Jack Shahan’ (post image) and ‘Putts Folly’. I’m fortunate to have a great fuchsia nursery nearby (Woodmoss Fuchsias) which has a vast array of cultivars.