After being on my previous allotment site with a number of dahlia enthusiasts, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I couldn’t resist growing a few of my own! This year a friend of mine gave me some tubers to have a go with and hopefully produce a few blooms for Southport Flower Show. I have also bought some tubers from Jack Gott – a website worth perusing.

I’ve ended up with twelve different varieties to grow:

  1. Grenidor Pastelle
  2. Pink Pat and Perc
  3. Western Stardust
  4. Blyton Golden Girl
  5. Ruskin Michelle
  6. Hillcrest Jersie 
  7. Kilburn Glow
  8. Western Pirate
  9. Andrea Lawson
  10. Noreen
  11. Willo’s Violet
  12. Shep’s Memory

 I put them in trays and set them on my soil-warming cable in the greenhouse. Most have started to grow quite well, although a couple are a bit slow to get going, particularly Kilburn Glow, Grenidor Pastelle and Western Pirate. 

My cuttings so far in 40 cell trays
Tubers growing on the heated bench