Things are starting to come together on the allotment! Last week I finished my compost bins. I have positioned them at the top of the plot, furthest from the gate, and made three bins altogether using small pallets from my dad’s. I debated where to position them. Some people suggest that they should be in the middle of the plot for accessibility; however, the plot isn’t massive so I think that they will be ok at the top. Time will tell!

The other big event was my friend Isaac coming with his rotavator at the end of last week! It certainly made light work of the soil and after he had gone over it a couple of times it left a fairly decent tilth. It is still slightly wet for sowing, but with the weekend just gone it has begun to dry out more. I was trying to dig it all over by hand but as time is racing on decided that I needed to get on top of it quickly, and the rotavator certainly did that!