Last Saturday was the Spring Flower Show of Colne Horticultural Society held at North Valley Community Centre. This was my second daffodil show so far and it proved to be a good one!

The daffodil classes were very well supported, but as is the case with Colne, the other classes had lots of entries too.

There were three familiar daffodil faces showing! 

The Three Musketeers!

Class 1 called for three vases of three daffodils each from a different division. There were three entries in total. I came first (far left), followed by Frank (far right) and then Dianne (centre). There were a number of good blooms in the class. Normally, I haven’t entered this class: usually I haven’t the daffodils to cover the divisions and number needed, preferring to just enter the six cultivar class. 

I tried staging slightly different this time after seeing Ken Harrop’s daffodils at Tottington. Normally I staged as Frank did; however, I did find staging them differently easier and I didn’t need to use oasis, just paper and then topped up with moss. 

Class 2 is the six stems of daffodils shown in separate vases (at Colne all single blooms have to be staged in the bottles provided). Thi sis one of my favourite classes to do and I was pleased to have the required number of blooms and the necessary colour combination – ideally on each row you should have yellow and a white. 

Again there were three entries in the class: Tom, Frank and me. I was thrilled to take first place, followed by Tom and then Frank. 

Best bloom came out of my exhibit in class 2: ‘Gold Convention’.

Class 3 is the class for 5 daffodils of the same cultivar of any division. Eight entries graced the tables and it was Frank who came first with a vase of ‘Bell Rock’; Dianne came in second with five ‘Golden Joy’ and I found third place with ‘Misty Glen’. Ian Tyler, the judge, was also interested in a number of historic daffodils which were shown – a vase of one which can be seen in the middle of the picture. 

Class 4 is a class for three single blooms, but they each have to be from specific divisions, namely divisions 1, 2 and 3. Five entries this time. I managed first place with ‘Kingham’, ‘Royal China’ and ‘Glen Alladale’. Frank was in second and then Mick Cooper in third. 

Classes 5-10 call for vases of three daffodils. 

Class 5 had three entires in it and is for three division 1 daffodils. This was won by Dianne. Class 6 was one of the largest classes in the show with 12 entries: won by Dianne again. 

Classes 5 and 6

Classes 7 and 8 both had 5 entries. The division 3 class was won by Frank and the division 4 class was won by Tom, who also got second place too. 

Classes 9 and 10 cater for other divisions and miniatures. 

Classes 11-15 are single specimen classes covering divisions 1-4 and then a ‘catch-all’ class. 

At this show there is a prize for best daffodil with pink in the cup. The winner came from class 15 and was an unknown cultivar that I showed.

The novice classes were well supported. 

As well as daffodil classes, Colne includes many other classes. There is an auricula class which I was pleased to get second in after getting some auriculas last year.