Well some of them! Over the last couple of weeks I have been able to get some gladioli in at the plot and at home. I have mainly planting the larger glass – 400s and 500s. These I plant about 9 inch to a foot apart in either three foot or four foot beds. 

I’ve a trusty bulb planter which I use for the job and it seems a lot easier than having to dig a trench. Each hole gets a handful of grit on which the corms sits. Once in, the corm gets another handful of grit on top thus forming a little protective pocket for the corm. I use grit but I know other people use grit sand or perlite. As long as it give the corm a place where it won’t be too wet, any medium is probably fine. 

Before I put the corms in they get a ‘bath’ in a fungicide to ensure no diseases are carried forward.