After what seems like ages, I finally managed to get my potatoes in the ground. To say the weather hasn’t been great this year so far is an understatement, but it looks like it has now settled down. Things finally dried up and I was able to get my friend to rotavate the plot with his large tiller. It was interesting to note the difference in how the ground broke up: the part dug before Christmas broke down so much nicer than that which had been dug more recently. It stands to reason that the ground which had been worked on by the wind, frost and rain over the winter would break down better -(hence the reason for getting all digging in late autumn), but it was interesting to see that working out.

As mentioned in my previous post, I intended to plant a number of different varieties. Unfortunately the ‘Winston’ tubers had to be thrown away as they started to go very soft, so obviously had some bacterial problem. However, I managed to get in all the other varieties minus the ‘Cara’ as I ran out of space. I may put them elsewhere if I have room.